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Welcome to your Creative Brief. Please complete and send your brief to us. Once you've completed your brief, we will get your project started and moving forward!

Completing your Creative Brief:

Please complete as much of the brief as you can. We do not expect everyone to have answers to all the questions but the more you can tell us now, the better the understanding we will have of your requirements. This will speed up the design and development process.

So what's it all about:

Helping us to understand your business will aid the design and development process. Tell us a little bit about what you do and perhaps describe what you think users to your site are looking for in your products and services. If you already have a logo or printed marketing material/stationery that is relevant to the design of your website, please send us electronic versions of these if possible - (e.g PDF).

Getting your design right:

Please provide as much input as possible and let us know about sites that you like. This doesn't mean that our designers will copy other designs - its just to give us a head start on what styles you like and what you don't! A website's structure is commonly described as being made up of Sections, Sub-Sections and/or Sub-Pages. It's similar to how Contents pages in a book or magazine are structured. If you are unsure about what sections, sub sections or sub-pages you require, don't worry - we will be able to assist you with this once we know the basic site structure (the main titles) that you need.

Enter your domain name details. If you already own a domain name, we will ask you for your login details later. If a domain name is included with your website package just type in the domain name you require. If you would prefer a different top level domain (.com, .biz, .net, .co, etc.), then please contact us.

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Title Of Each Page (e.g. Homepage, About Us, Contact Us...):

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Please note that you will only be provided with those items which have been agreed with your sales contact in writing. Any items or features that you list that are outside of the sales contract will be subject to additional costs if they are required. Please check your deposit invoice or contact your sales consultant for clarification on anything you are unsure of, thank you.

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