Why is SEO so important? – Search Engine Optimisation

On page SEO is important because the search engines need to read your website content.  If you are not technically inclined in making your website search engine friendly then you can hire someone to do the work for you.  That someone could be Blazebox Marketing.  We can help you get to page 1!


On Page SEO – What Next?

It won’t happen overnight, there will be some work involved but here’s what we can do to improve your on page SEO;
  • Check all the pages in your website and make sure they are visible to the search engines with relevant content and keywords.
  • Clean up your URLs.
  • Check and correct your internal navigation system making sure your menus are visible and working.
  • Create a sitemap if you don’t already have one.
  • Check all your content for relevant keywords and related keywords.  If its not up to scratch we will re-write your copy.
  • We will weave keywords into the Meta description and meta title tags of your web pages.
  • Insert titles and tags to images.
  • Check the back links to your website.
  • Check your site load speed – fast load speed is a very positive ranking factor.  If your site is slow to load then this will jeopardise your rankings.
  • Check your website is responsive to all browsers.  If you’re site doesn’t look good on a mobile screen this is bad.
  • A redesign maybe required to address this issue.  Don’t even consider thinking about it – it’s a must if you want your website to do well.

Our tailor-made SEO Packages start at £200 but it depends on the size of your website. Don’t overlook this requirement. It’s important if you want your website to do well. Still confused? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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